For 44 years the Pioneer Farm Machinery Club of Oak Creek, Wisconsin has been putting on its annual show of vintage farm tractors, engines, and machinery. Our members enjoy demonstrating their old time machines for the public to show what life was like in rural America in days gone by.

Tractors of all makes, sizes, colors, and ages on display
The Case steam traction engines at the 2007 show. From the larger 80 HP to tiny scale models. All live steam and operational.
Mike Frey at the controls of the big, belt driven sawmill as it slices through a log.
Building a Head of Steam
The morning lineup of stream tractors prepare for the day’s work at a recent Pioneer Farm Days Show.
80 HP Case Steam Traction Engine. Owned by Rory Esch & family. Clayton Esch at the controls.
David Bradley walking tractors.
Owned by Gary & Heather Duensing

Roger Fink hard at work making shingles from pieces of cedar log on the Club’s Shingle Mill.

Threshing oats with the Bob & Ron Gerber’s McCormick threshing machine.